16-year-old charged as adult in deadly Bloomington shooting

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A 16-year-old is charged with murder following a deadly shooting in Bloomington.

The teenage suspect, De’Angleo Tolliver Edwards, is being charged in adult court.

According to court records, the deadly shooting at apartment complex in the 14000 block of N. Woodburn Ave. took place after a drug deal that turned into a robbery.

The 18-year-old victim was killed over just $150 while trying to drive away from the armed robbery last week.

Keisha Huntington died after a bullet tore through her car’s head rest and hit her in the back.

“I’m feeling very sad and hurt right now,” said the victim’s father Sammy Herron.

Family provided photo of Keisha Huntington.

After being shot, Sammy’s daughter drove just a few hundred yards to a nearby parking lot where she crashed her car with her boyfriend in the passenger seat.

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According to court records, the boyfriend told police he arranged to meet the suspect to buy some marijuana. The boyfriend claims Edwards pulled out a gun and robbed the couple, who handed over some money and hit the gas, before Edwards started shooting.

“It’s so sad and frustrating that my daughter has to be the one shot and killed over 150 dollars worth of marijuana,” said Herron.

The victim’s boyfriend told police the drug deal last Thursday morning was set up via Snapchat.  He also admitted he had bought and sold drugs from the suspect for two months before the shooting.

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Sammy insists the boyfriend’s story is only partially true.

“He doesn’t want to tell the true story and they’re letting him away with it and that’s not fair,” said Herron.

While Edwards is charged with murder, attempted murder and robbery, Sammy believes his daughter’s boyfriend should also face criminal charges because court records detail he arranged the deadly drug deal.

“He’s the one who had it all set up from my knowledge,” said Herron. “I feel both of them should be charged with murder.”

Booking photo of De’Angelo Tolliver Edwards.

When we asked about the possibility of charges for the boyfriend, prosecutors would not comment because it’s a pending case.

The 16-year-old suspect remains behind bars at the Monroe County jail where he’s being held without bond pending trial.

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