After Latest Loony Tweet, It Might Be Time For Someone to Unplug Cher’s Internet

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Cher has always been a bit wacky, and very low-info when it comes to politics – and that combination can be lethal in terms of online behavior.


People who are both zany and dumb, who decide to hop online and become political “commentators” usually end up making fools of themselves and getting mocked – just look at people like Alyssa Milano and Bette Midler. They’re perfect examples of this phenomenon.

And Cher fits right into that mold as well.

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How many times did we see her CRAZY ALL CAP TWEETS when President Trump was in office? And how many of those did she have to delete when she was called out for being wildly wrong and offensive? Too many times to count.

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And she’s back at it.

Cher is losing her marbles over Republicans enacting vote integrity after the sham 2020 election.

Cher doesn’t care that our entire voting process was destroyed by a tsunami of ballots – I got 11 ballots at my house and there are only 3 people who live here – but she’s literally losing her mind over the GOP fixing the mess and trying to do something to restore some hope tp 75+ million American voters – many of whom feel ripped off and silenced.

And of course, Cher made it into a “race” thing…of course.

Here’s her latest nutty tweet.

Once again, Cher – a privileged white woman – is using minorities to try and push her twisted and failed politics.

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These people can’t win on real ideas and beliefs – they have to lie, steal, and manipulate their way through everything.

I think it’s time for someone in Cher’s family to do the right thing and unplug this nutjob’s internet from the wall.


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