After Reports of Kids Being Molested at TX Migrant Facility, Pelosi Says “We’re on Good Path” at Border

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It’s pretty apparent that the U.S. Southern Border is in it’s worse shape since the Mexican-American war.

Everyone on this planet knows it’s an absolute mess and Biden is clearly to blame for it, but Democrats are desperately cleaning up this mess, insisting that everything at the border is the best it’s ever been.


No one is trying to kick this under the rug more than Pelosi, who actually just came out and said that they’re on a “good path.”

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Really Nancy?

Since when is a humanitarian crisis a good path?

Maybe she hasn’t seen the latest news that migrant children are apparently being sexually assaulted at detention facilities.


SAN ANTONIO – Gov. Greg Abbott called on the federal government to close a facility housing migrant children at Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio after complaints of abuse and understaffing were received Wednesday morning.

Abbott said the complaints are “credible” and were made to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission and Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. He declined to provide details about the tipster, but said it was from at least one or more people who have been inside the facility.

The allegations include sexual assault, understaffing, not being fed enough food and COVID-positive children not being isolated from others.

The governor said Texas Rangers would immediately begin investigating the cases. It is unclear how many children were allegedly abused.

“This facility is a health and safety nightmare,” Abbott said. “The Biden Administration should immediately shut down this facility.”


Yeah, nothing to see here folks…just a bunch of children being abused and neglected.

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Can you imagine the absolute chaos that would be erupting from the media if this were happening under Trump’s watch?

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