Another warm day in central Indiana next up, long awaited April showers

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Tuesday was the warmest of 2021 (for the second straight day) and we were just shy of 80-degrees! Tuesday’s preliminary high of 79° was the warmest since November 8th and the normal high for June 4th. Just days ago we set the coldest April temperature in 24 years and Tuesday nearing the record for the date. (The record for April 6th is 83° set in 2010). The average date of our first 80-degree day occurrence is April 21st, a full two weeks out! If we do hit it today, it would be the earliest since 2012’s March 8th.

Temperatures overnight are to remain very mild and closer to the normal high for this time of the year. A predicted low of 58° in nearly 20-degrees above normal. That sets us up for another warm on e Wednesday. Temperatures will rise again into the mid/upper 70s by afternoon.

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Spring 2021 has now produced 23 days above normal and is among the warmest 14% of spring’s on record.


It has been a dry open to April with only a trace of precipitation thus far. That “trace” was actually snow that fell on the morning of the first! Each of the past three April’s have opened quite dry through the first six days – this April and April 2020 rank among only 13 on record with no measured precipitation.

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Showers are in the mix for the next several days as three systems are to impact central Indiana weather. None are looking terribly strong but showers are expected with each. The first nears starting Wednesday as a few showers could develop in the early morning to early afternoon then increase to nearly 30% coverage by early afternoon. A downpour or two along with a thunderstorm cannot be ruled out.

Showers are to really ramp up early Thursday morning with a few more thunderstorms possibly in the mix. At this time no severe storms are in the forecast.

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