Are You Sitting Down? Jimmy Fallon Just Called Out Biden For Being a “Nonsensical Buffoon”

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Are you sitting down?


This one is a shocker, and I never thought I’d see it happen – but late-night TV is finally going after Joe Biden…and not in a “cute/soft” way either.

They’re calling out thee Bungler in Chief.

The first comedy shot across the bow came from Kimmy Fallon, who actually did a bit where he portrayed Joe like a “nonsensical buffoon.”

So, in other words, it was an accurate betrayal.


I mean, it’s really gotten to that point hasn’t it?

Joe is such a blithering buffoon that you can’t ignore it anymore without looking like a complete and total complicit shill.

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This is actually a funny bit and hits at the core of “Dementia Joe.”

You can watch the video below:

Look, everyone in the country knows that Joe Biden has some form of “dementia.”

They know, we know, and they know that we know, and we know that they know.

Everyone knows.

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So, sitting around pretending like it’s not actually happening is pretty silly at this point.

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For heaven’s sake, other countries are calling it out, and they must think our media and celebrities are mindless zombies to just sit back and ignore it or call this madness a “childhood stutter.”

Besides, Jimmy probably sees the comedy gold in covering Joe.

However, the truth is, while some stuff is funny, overall, this is not a laughing matter.

But it is a good thing to mock Joe, the less serious everyone takes him, the better.

Now, how long until Jimmy gets “canceled?”

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