“Behind The Scene Photo” of Joe’s Presser Looks Really Bizarre 

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Well, today is the big day. After over 60 days of dodging the press, Joe Biden will get woken up, dressed, and pushed out in front of reporters who will ask him super easy questions about his policies.


But it’s being treated like the moon-landing event.

What should be totally normal and standard for any US President, is now like some amazing feat of strength and bravery for Sleepy Joe.

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It’s a presser – these should be conducted regularly – and most people could do them with their eyes closed…well, actually, that might be exactly how Joe does it.

And speaking of Joe’s eyes being closed…he was not even aware that there was supposed to be a presser today.

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That’s encouraging, right?

In addition, the reporters who are allowed in, appear to be “handpicked.”

Well, duh…

That’s not shocking, right? His handlers can’t have this thing go off the rails. I’m sure he’s been rehearsing the questions for 14-days straight.


And speaking of the handpicked presser here’s a behind-the-scenes photo that really shows how absolutely bizarre this thing is.

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I think I have more people in my living room right now.

Take a look:

There is absolutely nothing even “remotely” normal about Joe Biden or his crazy and phony admin.

This whole thing – top to bottom – feels unnatural and off.


And I know I am not the only one to feel this way. I see a lot of people saying the same thing.

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