“Black Box” Recovered From Tiger Woods’ Car Reveals Some Very Concerning Data

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I have been watching this Tiger Woods case unfold with a very suspicious eye.


Tiger is a very good friend of President Trump’s, so when authorities went from “it was just an accident, Tiger’s been cleared” to getting the forensic experts involved and going after the car’s black box with criminal subpoenas, something felt off.

And it was natural to wonder if things had suddenly turned “political.”

However, it appears that the authorities were probably right to look deeper because the black box has revealed some rather damning evidence.

First things first, Tiger does not appear to have had any drugs or alcohol in his system, although they’re re-testing for that.

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But experts believe that some sort of distracted driving was afoot to cause the accident because there were no skid marks at the crash scene.

Tiger has no memory of the accident, so he’s unable to say what happened.

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But the black box has revealed something very concerning…Tiger never applied the breaks.

Not even a tap. As a matter of fact, he didn’t remove his foot off the accelerator.

Logically speaking, that likely means that he was either unconscious, asleep or under some other influence.


From Beitbart 

Authorities investigating Tiger Woods’ February 23 single-car crash now say that it appears the golf great didn’t hit the brakes before impact.

According to investigators reviewing the crash scene and the data from the vehicle’s black box. Indeed, he didn’t seem to take his foot off the gas pedal, Woods’ car never slowed down before he lost control of the car, the New York Post reported.

Woods was found unconscious immediately after the wreck, according to testimony from a bystander who was first on the scene.

However, the player regained consciousness before first responders arrived at the scene. The 45-year-old player was conscious and alert when he was pulled from the wrecked auto.

Woods is said to have no memory of the accident.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has taken criticism for how he has dealt with the incident. The sheriff, though, recently said that Woods got no special treatment during the investigation into the wreck.

Villanueva caught criticism for quickly coming out to say that the February 23 crash was “purely an accident” before the full investigation was finished. He also immediately said that there was “no evidence” that Woods was impaired while behind the wheel and insisted he would pursue no charges.

“I know there’s been a lot of concern about, was he received any treatment any different than anybody else — he did not. He received the same treatment everybody else would receive,” Villanueva said. “One, there’s no obvious evidence of impairment, and he’s compound fracture in a horrendous scene. Our concern shifts to the humanitarian, you know, life preservation, those kinds of things. And the accident becomes secondary.”

Because of the early miscommuoication surrounding Tiger’s case, the sheriff’s department has said they won’t release anything else about the case at this time.

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No matter what happened, we’re just glad Tiger is alive and healing.

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