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BUSTED: Kamala Harris Seen Being Protected by the Gun She Vows to Ban

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That’s right.

The woman who has vowed to ban assault rifles and supports defunding police was just seen with a Secret Service agent who was using an AR-15 to protect her.

What a complete hypocrite.

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From The Daily Mail

Kamala Harris was seen leaving an appearance in Miami where she was guarded by a Secret Service officer armed with an assault weapon – the same type of gun she vowed to ban.

In the photos exclusively obtained by, the VP hopeful is seen leaving Florida Memorial University last week, ironically being protected by the same assault rifle that she promised to ban within the first 100 days of her term.

It’s worth noting, however, that Secret Service agents are trained and equipped to handle such a weapon.

Back in March of last year, Kamala passionately discussed banning the AR-15, stating that these weapons are “designed to kill a lot of people in a very short period time.”

From Politico

“When we look at the issue of assault weapons, let’s be very clear: Assault weapons are designed to kill a lot of people in a very short period time,” Harris said in Nashua. She added: “We cannot any longer afford to allow people to make this a partisan issue. Those guns, those assault weapons, do not discriminate and determine, OK, is the the person pointing it at a Democrat or a Republican. This can no longer be a partisan issue.”

Wouldn’t you love to see someone directly challenge Kamala on this hypocrisy?

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I wonder how she would squirm out of that one…

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