Calls For Maxine Waters to Be Immediately Arrested Grow After She “Incited Riots”

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Maxine Water, like all Dems, is hell-bent on tearing this nation apart in the twisted name of “justice.”


Mad Max took to the streets of Minneapolis, wearing a mask, and a massive plexiglass faceguard (wasn’t she vaccinated?) and whipped the crowd up into. frenzy, and basically told them to “burn it all down” if Derek Chauvin isn’t convicted of the first-degree murder of George Floyd.

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That’s the essential Maxine gave the hyped-up crowd…and this comes after nights of rioting and closing arguments in the Floyd case on Monday.

A sitting US Congresswoman is actually encouraging rioting and looting if our justice doesn’t convict Chauvin.


That’s not only inciting a riot, but it’s also witness tampering.

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This is all by design…Maxine Waters is just another Democrat foot soldier in the anti-American army

Watch what she said:

Calls for Maxine to be stripped of her committees, and even arrested for inciting riots are growing louder and louder.

Ted Cruz is right – Dems need this country divided and everyone at each other’s throats. That way nobody will focus on them and their failures.


Again, this is all by design and the disgusting fake news is pushing it and inciting hate, division, riots, and fear.

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