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Trump Attacks Mimic the Guatemalan Left


Three politicians recently campaigned in Los Angeles for the presidency … of Guatemala.

The local newspaper’s account expressed shock not at the candidates who trolled for votes 2,500 miles away from Guatemala City but at the ones who stayed home. (READ MORE: Bribery Probe May Sink Biden Reelection Bid)

“Guatemalans living in the United States could help sway their homeland’s politics when they vote in its June 25 presidential election,” the Los Angeles Times reports. “But despite the diaspora’s potential clout, only a handful of candidates turned out for a May 5 candidate forum in Los Angeles. That left Southern California’s Guatemalan community frustrated and angry, feelings that many know all too well when it comes to national politics.”

Former President Donald Trump could not write a story underscoring his narrative any better. Yet, the story somehow got better for his narrative.

The Times informed that “the no-shows” included “Carlos Pineda (Citizen Prosperity), a right-wing businessman who led the poll[s] with 23.1% but whose candidacy recently was barred by the Constitutional Court over alleged violations of electoral law.”

Does this sound familiar?

One of the first times Trump placed a target on his back witnessed him accusing Mexico of exporting its “criminals, drug dealers, rapists” to the United States. Did he understate the problem by excluding the banana-republic tactics employed with great regularity in many countries south of the border?

Officials in Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico, El Salvador, and Panama dragooned former presidents into court in recent years. “In Peru,” Axios points out, “every president but one who served between 1985 and 2018 has been arrested or charged.”

Of course, one cannot scapegoat people from such places for settling political disputes in courtrooms rather than ballot boxes in the United States. The zealots pursuing Trump hail from the J. Edgar Hoover Building and 30 Rockefeller Plaza and the Googleplex, not Mexico and Guatemala and El Salvador. (RELATED: Trump Indicted: The Corruption of Justice)

The killer bees, Zika, and much else never quite completed its migration to the United States. But the trend of criminalizing the opposition did.

Trump, already indicted in Manhattan (Biden 85 percent, Trump 15 percent), now faces federal indictment as soon as this week in Washington, D.C. (Biden 92 percent, Trump 5 percent).

The indictments for the former case neither specify the underlying crime enabling a state charge nor abide by the statute of limitations. The latter case accuses Trump of the same offense Joe Biden committed with classified documents — only Biden absconded with the property of the government as vice president when he held no power to declassify. Charges in either case seem to make a stronger case against the government than against the former president. (RELATED: Was the Mar-a-Lago Raid a Biden Insurance Policy?)

“Reports are the Marxist Special Prosecutor, DOJ, & FBI, want to Indict me on the BOXES HOAX, despite all of the wrongdoing that they have done for SEVEN YEARS, including SPYING ON MY CAMPAIGN,” the former president wrote on Truth Social earlier this week.

Trump faces possible charges in Georgia. The foregirl in that case inexplicably spoke to the media, including NBC News, to whom she gushed, “Honestly, I kinda wanted to subpoena the former president because I got to swear everybody in, and so I thought it would be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump of me looking at him and being like, ‘Do you solemnly swear…’”

A grand jury in Florida also is looking at a federal case against him.

Given the fact that the bizarre post-presidency impeachment did not succeed in removing his eligibility for federal office, one imagines that further charges will fly should the cases in Manhattan, D.C., and beyond crash. Ironically, the people who cast Trump as threatening democracy work assiduously to deny tens of millions of people the ability to mark the box next to the candidate of their choice.

And if the accusation of a crime fails to derail Trump, maybe critique the paperwork submitted by his campaign and the manner in which his party nominated him. That worked in Guatemala.

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