CNN Accused of “Staging” an Event at the Border to Help Their Sinking Ratings

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Well, it looks like CNN may have been caught red-handed in one of their biggest hoaxes yet.

The network is vehemently denying that they staged a fake border crossing during one of their segments.


The footage in question shows purported migrants crossing the Rio Grande, which many, including immigrant rights advocates, are claiming looks like a staged event.

Check it out:

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From The Blaze

Doric was responding to claims that they recorded footage of a staged event and presented it to their viewers as a real border crossing. The video shows a masked figure leading migrants across the Rio Grande in a boat near the city of Hidalgo, Texas.

“The Rio Grande Valley has been ground zero for the latest surge in migration and here you see the operation unfolding right in front of us,” said reporter Ed Lavandera in the CNN report. “After the first raft crosses, the magnitude of this moment reveals itself. Dozens of migrants emerge and walk down to the river’s edge. You can see that this is a serious operation.”

Immigrants rights advocates and others found many reasons to be skeptical about whether the CNN crew had stumbled upon a migrant smuggling boat. The American Prospect, a progressive news outlet, documented the objections:

In the CNN footage, the smuggler leading the boat wears fatigues and a black ski mask. Smugglers typically attempt to blend in with the migrants, to avoid more severe punishment should they be caught. Smugglers also don’t normally provide face masks and life vests, nor ferry six boatloads of people across in broad daylight. Migrants also don’t typically line up single file along the shore to cross.

The Guardian also reported that the part of the Rio Grande where CNN filmed was one that was controlled by U.S. Border Patrol and could not be navigated by smugglers.


There are a lot of people flooding over the border right now thanks to Dems and Biden, but this does seem incredibly lucky for CNN to just stumble upon this massive operation in the middle of the day where US border patrol is currently monitoring.

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Could these “Biden-loving” illegal aliens be that brazen?

Was CNN just in the right place at the right time? I suppose….after all, CNN just “happened” to be in the “area” when Roger Stones’ house was raided by the FBI at 6:00 am. 🙄

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I think it’s “fishy,” but I also think these progressive groups are pushing back and calling it “fake” because it looks bad for Joe, not because they’re outraged that CNN might be exaggerating.

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