Coca-Cola Never Saw This Tornado Coming…Now What Do They Do?

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Coca-Cola is the latest liberal company who’s taking a big hit for coming out against Georgia’s voter ID laws.


The company recently issued a statement where they called Georgia’s decision to uphold voter integrity “unacceptable,” “wrong,” and “a step back.”

Check it out:

From Breitbart

A massive backlash against Coca-Cola sparked after the Georgia-based company’s CEO, James Quincey, said the recently-passed Georgia voting laws aimed at improving state election integrity are “unacceptable,” “wrong,” and “a step backward.”

Quincey, who joined the Coca-Cola company in 1996, appeared on CNBC on Wednesday criticizing the new legislation and stating that “we will continue to advocate” against the new laws “both in private and … public.” Many took to Twitter to voice their discontent with his statements.

This stance really isn’t boding too well for Coke, as they’re now facing a whole flood of backlash for their anti-voter law stance.

And of course, like everyone else, they too are in bed with China.

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This was an incredibly dumb move by Coke…

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They’ve now alienated a huge chunk of their consumers and it’s really a mystery as to why they actually did that.

Although the article posted by Dinesh above has some clues as to where Coke’s loyalty really lies.

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Spoiler alert…it’s China.

From Asia Times

Virus or no virus, beverage giant Coca-Cola is sticking with China.

“We are here for the long term,” says Curt Ferguson, president of Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea.

“We’re here to invest. We’re here to build it.”

Despite the most fearsome epidemic of our times, Coca Cola sees China as its next biggest market, according to a report in

Ferguson also lauds the quick and decisive action of the Chinese government in combating the coronavirus, as the company continues to invest in the country.


Pretty telling right?

I think it’s time conservatives take Laura Ingraham’s advice and find a new fizzy beverage to drink.

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