Cold front Thursday evening; another 70-degree day Friday

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It is a “cold” front, and it is passing through early this evening, but the air behind this front only offers a temporary cool off overnight. The front is surging across central Indiana and reached Indianapolis at 6 p.m. Ahead of the front, a few showers, downpours and even a storm or two persist into east Indiana.

The threat for a gusty storm or two will diminish along with all rain chances by 7 p.m. this evening. Some instability in far eastern Indiana could support a gusty storm or two, but that threat fades quickly as the front sweeps east. A thunderstorm in Muncie produced a wind gust of 40 mph just before 5 p.m.

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Rain chances are to end early this evening as drier air arrives on southwest winds. The lowering of the dew point temperatures from west to east in the image below identifies where the front was at 6 p.m. As the drier air arrives overnight, it will allow temperatures to cool into the 40s by sunrise Friday.

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Friday will warm again to late May levels as the sixth straight day above normal tops 70-degrees. Friday will be the ninth 70° day of the year and the most to-date since 2012! Rain chances are to be very limited Friday if any at all, so take advantage of it. The next storm arrives Saturday with area-wide rainfall moving in early.

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