Lowest temps in over a month for historically cold open to April

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Our weather is going backward to end March and open April. The first month of meteorological spring was a warm one, and March 2021 will close as one of the warmer March’s on record. We end the month with 20 days above normal (65%), the most 70-degree days in a March since 2016 and tied for the 19th warmest March on record. March 2021 averaged 5-degrees per day above normal.

So it really may be no surprise that cold air would make some comeback.

Temperatures lowered by as much as 25-degrees on brisk northwest winds Wednesday, and the chill was a bit of a shock. Tuesday’s temperatures reached the mid-70s — normal for mid-May — but Wednesday held mainly near 50°, a full 25-degrees colder than Tuesday.

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We are now set up to fall well below freezing tonight and again Friday morning. The cold air will be reinforced through the night on brisk northwest winds carrying even a few snow flurries south before and near daybreak Thursday.

What a way to open an April!

Thursday’s high may fail to reach the 40-degree mark for the first time since February 20 (40 days). It will rank among the coldest high temperatures for an April 1, running 20-degrees below normal. The normal high is 58°.

The last high of 40° on April 1 was in 1972 — 49 years ago — and the last time an April opened sub 40-degrees was 1961. Only 15 April 1s have failed to reach 40°. The coldest max temperature was 31° in 1881.

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The second night after a cold front passes is the coldest, and that will be Thursday night into Friday morning. The forecast low of 21° in Indianapolis will be 1-degree shy of a record set 98 years ago! Many outlying areas are expected to dip into the teens early Friday morning and be well below freezing for several hours.

Take the time to cover some of the budding plants if you can! A Freeze Warning has been issued for much of southern Indiana.

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