Colts Blue Zone Podcast episode 136 ‘Draft Class Breakdown: Colts’ Options at Offensive Tackle’

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INDIANAPOLIS — As the draft approaches, it’s time we get to know some of the prospects who could soon be sporting an Indianapolis Colts uniform.

On this week’s episode of the Colts Blue Zone Podcast, Mike Chappell, Dave Griffiths and Joe Hopkins begin the show by discussing news around the league, including a report that the Colts are interested in trading for a former Pro Bowl pass catcher.

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The crew then compares the Sam Darnold trade to the Carson Wentz trade (14:05), takes a look at who experts think Indianapolis will draft in their latest mocks, and dives into the Colts’ offensive tackle options in rounds 1 and 2.

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Be sure to join us next week as the Blue Zone crew continues to discuss the Colts’ offseason plans.

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