Conservative Actress Nicole Arbour Shot Down Pompous “Top Chef” Host Padma With a “Juicy” Bomb

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There is nothing worse than constantly being lectured by these privileged Hollywood elites.


These people literally work in a godless womanizing/pedophile cesspool, and they want to tell us how to live our lives and who to vote for. It’s insufferable and narcissistic beyond belief.

And to top it off, most people don’t even hold Hollywood celebs in high-regard anymore – but don’t tell them that, because they think they’re really special people.

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Just look at “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi – she’s a loud & proud liberal “feminist,” who loves to tell you and me what we need to do, how we need to live, and who we need to “accept,” and vote for.

And if we don’t live our lives according to Padma, she has a punishment all ready for us.

Check out what Padma is now declaring for every parent in the world, in her latest tweet supporting “Trans kids.”

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“If you can’t accept your child for who they’re telling you they are, then you have no business being a parent.”


Oh gee, okay, so if I don’t allow my 5-year-old to remove their genitals, I am a “bad parent” in the eyes of a “Top Chef” host.

Got it.

She goes on to lecture us, lowly parents, even more:

Gender: used to describe characteristics that are socially constructed, encompasses a range of identities Sex: a label initially assigned by a doctor at birth Sexual orientation: emotional, romantic or sexual attraction to other people

Gender expression: the way you choose to express yourself on the gender spectrum through your behavior, clothing, haircut, etc. This can vary day to day or over time, it’s unique to each individual.

Non-binary: someone who identifies on the spectrum of gender identities that are not exclusively masculine or feminine‍

Don’t you love when out-of-touch narcissists tell you what you need to do, and whether or not you’re “qualified” to be a parent?

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The nerve of this woman – the nerve of all these know-it-all/self-righteous celebs.

Well, conservative actress, Nicole Arbour saw what Padma said, and decided to rain on her parade.

Big time.


Nicole swooped in with one tweet and dropped the best, most powerful bomb ever on smug Padma, and as a result, proved what a total hypocrite she actually is.

Here’s what Nicole said: “I remember sitting beside you in a restaurant in NYC while you told the girls at the table to get pregnant by the richest guy you can find even if he’s ugly because then you’re set. ”


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Well, so much for that “feminist” strong women/hear me roar stuff, right? Looks like Padma needs a man in order to be “set” for life.

Well, I guess we have some advice for Padma now….”If you can’t marry for love, you have no business being married.”


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