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Convicted felon released in NYC already facing a double murder charge now faces a third

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BROOKLYN, NY- Charles Hernandez was already in custody in a New York Jail, suspected of killing two people in Brooklyn. 

On September 14th, the District Attorney filed an additional murder charge for a murder that he allegedly committed a week before the double homicide.

Hernandez is a known convicted felon who served two different sentences in prison, one for an illegal weapons possession and one for assault.  Hernandez served a 15-year term for an assault, illegal weapons possession and reckless endangerment. 

Hernandez was released from prison only to be arrested again for another illegal weapons charge in 2006.  Hernandez was sentenced to 12 years in prison and was granted parole in October of 2018.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez spoke of Hernandez and the three murder charges against him, saying:

“This defendant allegedly went on a murderous crime spree, ruthlessly killing two men and a woman over the course of a week.  The defendant allegedly brazenly shot them in broad daylight.”

The newest murder charges stems from an incident on June 20th before noon in the area of Milford Street and Blake Avenue in East New York.  The victim, Kenneth Singleton, was reportedly washing his vehicle near his home when police allege that Hernandez, for an unknown reason, came up behind him and opened fire.

The District Attorney also charged a friend of Hernandez, Liza Jenkins, who they allege helped him destroy evidence and clothing that were used during Singleton’s homicide.  She was been charged with hindering prosecution and tampering.

According to the District Attorney, Hernandez is also accused of committing a double murder, roughly a week later.  In this case, prosecutors allege that Hernandez had put a blue trench coat and blonde wig on as he went to the residence of Stephanie Perkins and Chioke Thompson.

Both people were sitting on the front porch area of the residence on Van Siclen Street in East New York.  Hernandez is accused of walking up and firing 27 rounds from a long gun, similar to an AR-15, into the pair.  Both people died at the scene of the shooting.  Hernandez fled the scene on foot after the shooting.  Police have not released any possible motives for the shooting. 

According to the New York Post, a woman at the scene of the double homicide said:

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“This girl didn’t deserve to die like that…I just found out it’s one of my neighbor’s daughters lying there dead.  It could be my child, it could be me.”

This woman’s sadness suddenly switched to rage after she began thinking about the defunding that has occurred at the New York Police Department.  How Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio had the anti-crime task force disbanded. 

She said:

“They take away the plainclothes detectives, there is no undercover police, so that what you get.  Only blue suits, sitting in their cars.  There is a lot of drugs on this block.  Two people dead, that’s unacceptable. 

“We got babies here we gotta walk down the street.  The city needs to do a lot more for this community, to make it safer for our people.”

Another neighbor, Rocky Askew, said:

“Shootings are up – it’s ridiculous…We used to have a detail [police] here in the summertime, they would start in June.  I haven’t really seen them this month.  They’re supposed to have them here in June, like they did every year.”

Hernandez somehow found his way to West Virginia where he was hiding in a residence.  Police were able to track him to that house and attempted to take Hernandez into custody, instead of surrendering, he barricaded himself inside of the home.  Hernandez was eventually captured after police were forced to use tear gas.

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Here is more on the crime that is raging in NYC. 

BROOKLYN, NY- As gun violence continues to surge in New York City, a 62-year-old New York man was shot and killed to death while he was taking his dog for a morning walk.

According to authorities, the victim, Michael Scully was shot at point blank range in the head and shoulders after an argument with the gunman. The incident took place on 74th Street near Seventh Avenue in Bay Bridge.

Scully was rushed to a nearby hospital, but he was pronounced dead upon arrival. The circumstances of the shooting and the whereabouts of the dog are still unclear. After speaking with the police, assembly woman Mathylde Frontus said:

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“He had exchanged words with the assailant before getting shot though the nature and circumstances are unclear.”

She added:

“The story is really upsetting because we all deserve the freedom to walk our pets in peace without fear of losing our lives.”

People if the community where shocked to hear the news. Many said that the victim was a caring and giving person. Childhood friend, Danny Barreto told CBS Local:

“Michael Scully was 62 years old. He was a God-fearing man. He was a staple of this community.”

Barreto said that Scully was like a brother to him and that the two grew up together in Brooklyn right near a church, where Scully was a well-known parishioner. Barreto said:

“I just wish the world had more Mike Scullys because they deserve people like him around here who take care of the community. He had no boundaries on taking care of people and for somebody to shoot him for no apparent reason, it’s insane.”

Police said that the fatal shooting took place just before 7 a.m. and that someone who had heard the gunfire called 9-1-1. Investigators spent all day on scene and are still actively investigating the incident. Frank Barreto said:

“It’s killing me. It’s actually destroying me. I’m very, very sad.”

A neighbor of Scully, Ronnie Qater said:

“Nothing but a gentleman. Great guy, never bothered anybody. I see him out here walking his dogs, minds his own business.”

William Mendez, 56, of sunset park who is a longtime friend of Scully said:

“He was a great guy. We had Super Bowl parties at his house. I helped him move in. He loved salsa dancing, just a fun-loving guy. This is terrible. Who gets shot walking their dog? He has five dogs and I am worried who is taking care of them. They gotta catch whoever did this.”

This devastating shooting is just one among a growing number of gun violence victims in the City. Erik Feuer, owner of E&J Boutique in Dyker Heights said:

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“Nobody expects to go out and walk their dog and never live again. We need to put the police back on the streets. We need to stop the defunding of the police because when you defund the police, crime goes up.”

Danny Barreto reiterated:

“I just really wish that the City would wake up and see we’re going backwards instead of going forward.”

Police reported that 52-year-old George Vayos, of Brooklyn has been arrested and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon in connection to Scully’s death. Investigators said that it is still unclear if the shooter and Scully knew each other or what they were even arguing about.

According to reports, there were eight shootings and eight victims on the day that Scully was fatally shot. These incidents mark the 14th straight week of surging violence in the City, with 1,288 people being shot in 1,054 separate incidents over the course of the summer. Assemblywoman Frontus said:

“It’s unfortunate that we’ve had another violent weekend across NYC leading up to Labor Day. I am shocked and angry to learn that a 60-year-old man was shot and killed in Bay Ridge this morning while walking his dog.”

She added:

“We’ve got to limit who can get their hands on a gun and also change the toxic thinking that comes with wanting to use it in the first place.”

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