Cooler weather coming as April takes a turn

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Sunshine was plentiful Tuesday, and temperatures responded by warming well into the mid-to-upper 60s. Tuesday was the ninth day of the month to average above normal, and April 2021 is among the warmer April’s (tied 18th) on record. With five of the days topping 70-degrees and a total of nine 70-degree days this year already, you have to figure a change or correction could be in the cards.

And it is.


While bathed in sunshine and mild weather Tuesday, colder air pooled in the upper Midwest with snow showers and colder air. Over the next few days, we will be tapping into the colder air, lowering afternoon temperatures into the 50s while early morning lows will more frequently drop into the upper 30s.

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Frosty mornings are in the works here starting Wednesday and likely each morning entering the weekend. While frost looks patchy and there isn’t a real wide-spread threat for a killing frost, the cool weather will be persistent and a reminder that it is still April.

That could change next week! Trends for even colder nights, perhaps an area-wide freeze, could be in the works. A make-good for the recent warmth?

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Stay tuned.

While it’s tempting to do some early-season gardening, the rule of thumb is to hold off until Mother’s Day weekend. So may perennials (returning each year) have bloomed, and these hearty early-season plants should hold up during the cool spell.

The average date of the last frost (36°) comes in late April. If you recall, last year we had a very rare, hard freeze in mid-May. The trend is leaning for more cooler than normal weather for the second half of the month.

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