Dear Tulsi, After Pulling Off an Interview Like This, You Just Need to Become a Republican

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The more Democrat Tulsi Gabbard speaks, the more I think she just needs to pull the trigger and become a Republican.


Tulsi no longer represents the Dem Parrty values.

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They’ve swung so far left, that they’re literal communists at this point.

Of course, Tulsi would have to tweak a couple of things, like her stance on abortion, but I think she’s reasonable enough that we could convince her of the horrors.

But in all seriousness, Tulsi is out there on the front lines right now battling these “woke” loons on her side of the “aisle” and the communist cancel culture that liberals are enforcing.

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And she’s doing a much better job of it than most actual Republicans, and with a heck of a lot more passion too.

This short, but powerful clip from Steve Hilton is a perfect example.

You can watch the video below:


It’s a sad, sad day in the GOP when a registered Democrat is making more of an effort to fight the left than they are.

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We have some good R’s on our side, but even so, most don’t know how to fight the left.


You need to keep at them, hammer a message for eons before you can even start to make headway.

But GOP is easily distracted. They come out like gangbusters on an issue and then 5 minutes later, they’re distracted and on to something else, and that’s how Dems keep gaining ground.

We need consistent/constant messaging like this – on one topic – until they see results.

That’s the only way we’ll win.

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