Does This Meme of Jill Biden’s “80s Outfit” Go Too Far? It’s Driving The Left Insane

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Jill Biden wore an outfit that raised a lot of eyebrows.

Personally, I thought the 80s look – with leather, lace, and ankle boots was ghastly.


She’s an older woman and the supposed “FLOTUS.”

She should dress for her age and the office she was placed in – not like a backup singer for Madonna.

Needless to say, Jill, who has had a rough week as it is, was mocked pretty heavily for the outfit.

This meme has really taken off online, and it has liberals absolutely livid.

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Do you think it goes too far?

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Many people don’t, especially after how nasty the left was towards beautiful and classy Melania.

Here’s what some folks are saying:

“the hose and shoes need to go… but then again Michele dressed unclassy then why not Jill”

“This is an embarrassment for any older woman to dress like this.”

“Her outfit looks like it’s from that teenage store Hot Topic”

“Doctor Feel Good?”

“Such a step down from the former FLOTUS”

“Is there a real doctor in the house?”

“Mutton dressed as lamb”

“Granny night out…”

“This is the best meme”


Jill should probably fire the person who told her that would be a good look.

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Or else she’ll be looking at a lot more memes like this one here in the future…

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