GA County That Voted For Biden Will Now Lose $100 Mil After His Irresponsible MLB Remarks

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Joe Biden actively campaigned against the state of Georgia the moment the new election integrity law passed.


Here’s what Biden said, leading up to the MLB ultimately deciding to pull their all-star game out of Atlanta.

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From Forbes

Last week, Tony Clark, the executive director of the Major League Baseball Player Association, told the Boston Globe the union was open to having a “conversation” with the league about moving the game out of Georgia in response to the state’s voting legislation.
Asked about Clark’s comments in an interview with ESPN Wednesday evening, Biden said he would “strongly support” MLB changing the location of the game.
People look up to athletes for guidance, Biden said, adding: “They’re leaders.”

The so-called “president” actively campaigned to destroy a state’s economy.

What a guy…

I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe’s handlers were the ones behind the entire plot to pull the all-star game, to begin with.

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But, in a real twist of political irony, a GA county that voted for Joe Biden will now lose $100 million dollars, thanks to Joe’s calculated remarks.

From Daily Wire

The Georgia county that was set to host the 2020 Major League Baseball All Star Game said over the weekend that it will lose more than $100 million after the league pulled the game and draft out of the state — a decision that comes after Democrats Madeline number of  false claims about the state’s new election law and signaled they would support the league boycotting the state.

Holly Quinlan, president and CEO of Cobb Travel and Tourism, said that the “estimated lost economic impact” for the county was more than $100 million.

“This event would have directly impacted our county and the state, as visitors spend their dollars on local accommodations, transportation, entertainment and recreation, food and retail throughout the county,” Cobb County Travel and Tourism said. “This would have been a big boost to Cobb businesses and help with recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The Atlanta Braves released a statement following the league’s announcement, saying that they did not support the decision and that they were “saddened that fans will not be able to see this event in our city.”

“Unfortunately, businesses, employees, and fans in Georgia are the victims of this decision,” the team added.

Wow, Joe, that’s a real “Build Back Better” move, Joe.

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When was the last time you saw a “president” try and destroy a state, out of spite?

Heck, California always trashed President Trump, and he still rushed to their aide whenever they needed help after a devastating wildfire.


But Joe and his handlers don’t think that way – it’s all about power and control for them.

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How many American jobs has this bumbling doofus killed?

At this point, Joe is the #1 Pretend President “job killer” of all time


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