Getting Ready To Clean Your Smoker And Have Rust? Here’s A Solid Fix

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I was freaking out when I saw rust on my Masterbuilt 560 smoker, and so many things ran through my mind, I won’t even elaborate.

I love to smoke, and as the season is back upon us, I figured I would share a few things I learned last year to help someone else who might find themselves in the same situation I found myself in.

One thing about the video below, he didn’t mention that you would have to clean off the grill before you use the product that he will share with you. It works! The back of my grill is all black once again, and it seems solid.

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I want to add, make sure you use good quality oil, don’t cheap out, and bring it up to temp slowly, or it’ll all just burn off without polymerizing. I used the Canola oil that you saw in the video because it has a high smoke point.

If you bring it up to temp too fast, the metal expands too quickly, and your layers of polymerized oil will flake off. Just do things I’ve done and had to learn from, lol.

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