Hamilton County sets up hotline to deal with vaccine cancelations

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HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. — The Hamilton County Health Department is working to prevent COVID-19 vaccines from going bad.

The department said that it has noticed a sharp increase in the number of people who are not showing up for their COVID-19 vaccinations. This can potentially mean wasted vaccines.

“We’re averaging as many as 50 no-shows a day,” says Christian Walker, the health department’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinator. “Unfortunately, that puts us in a bad position as we don’t want to risk losing a dose because we opened a vial and don’t have an arm to put it in.” 

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One of the reasons the department says may be leading to an increase in no-shows is the long wait times people can experience when calling 2-1-1. Volunteers with the department started to call those with appointments, but that proved to be time-consuming.

“We’re hoping this hotline will make canceling an appointment much less time-consuming,” Walker said. “And we’re hoping those who need to make a cancellation will take the time to do so, so we can ensure that everyone who wants a vaccine gets one.” 

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Clients should expect a call from (317) 776-2585 or a text from 78015 the week prior to their appointment. If they need to talk to a person, they can leave a voicemail with their name, date of birth, phone number, and appointment date at (317) 776-8556. 

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