Hey Joe! Biden Advisor Susan Rice Has Millions In Holdings With A Canadian Natural Gas Company

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While the Biden-Harris Administration (sic) attempts to wage war and demonize oil and natural gas here in the United States, Bill O’Reilly made a huge claim about Susan Rice, who currently runs Biden’s Domestic Policy Council.

Within the first few days of Biden’s time in office, he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline, which resulted in the killing of thousands of good jobs.

But Rice, and yes, one of Biden’s close advisors, has interests in a Canadian natural gas company?


[O’Reilly Video Transcript] Now in the four years she was out of government, somehow Susan Rice increased her wealth personal work okay um four times. So she’s now worth, according to her own filing that happened on Saturday… did you hear about it? No you didn’t and you won’t hear about it except here, which is why you’re watching and listening. So susan Rice says she’s worth between $36 and $149 million dollars.

Whoa. This is a public servant. She didn’t inherit the money, where did she get it? Well under Donald Trump she made a fortune in the stock market. Okay? So she’s increased her personal worth four times under Donald Trump, but here’s the kicker…

She has stocks in all kinds of big companies like Johnson and Johnson, Apple, Microsoft. She plays the market but she also has five million dollars in holdings in the Canadian natural gas company Enbridge. A natural gas company in Canada.

Is that the green new deal? Oh no it isn’t, that’s a fossil fuel company.

How is that fair?

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