IMPD brings out mounted patrol to entertain tournament visitors

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INDIANAPOLIS — Since March Madness began, we’ve talked to all kinds of volunteers and workers making this big effort possible. Those visiting downtown Indianapolis might spot a different kind of law enforcement effort. 

“March Madness has been March Madness. We had Sweet 16, the women’s basketball, the men’s basketball, that’s a lot of venues in one city all at one time,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit Sgt. Tyneka Sperry.

In an event that’s bringing thousands to the Circle City, Sgt. Sperry says this was an opportunity to bring out a unit that hasn’t had a lot of interaction with the public during the pandemic.

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“As the mounted unit, we are ambassadors for the city and the department,” said Sgt. Perry.

IMPD deploys its mounted unit for large-scale events. You’ll see the eight equine officers, four patrolmen and Sgt. Sperry out serving the community and its visitors. 

Half-brothers Axel and Abel serve as Indy tour guides and attractions to the kids, even the adults.

“We talk to kids, we give out little trinkets like suckers and stickers and things like that. We have a very welcoming presence,” said Sgt. Sperry.

On sunny days like Tuesday, they’re the main attraction before the final Elite 8 games tips off at Lucas Oil Stadium. 

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“We look forward to coming out and talking to people and meeting new people and doing this job. I don’t even call it a job because if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life, right?” said Sgt. Sperry.

Regardless, if your team is still dancing on or you’re just here to enjoy the rest of the tournament, you will see the mounted patrol out this weekend, so be sure to give them a ‘hay’.

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