Indiana lawmakers taking steps to condemn violence against Asian-American communities

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Indiana lawmakers are taking steps to condemn violence against Asian American communities.

It comes as new data shows a record-number of anti-Asian hate incidents in the country over the past year.

“It took 8 people being murdered to finally get some real national attention and it’s heartbreaking and infuriating,” said Ellen Wu, associate professor at Indiana University.

Earlier this month, the Indiana Senate passed a resolution condemning the rise of hate.

I like to think of resolutions or acknowledgments as an important first step,” Wu said.

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In a new petition, the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum is calling on Governor Eric Holcomb to take further action by establishing an advisory committee and offering more support to Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

 “Words don’t mean anything unless there is action,” said Abby Ang, a member of NAPAWF.

The petition has already racked up over 2,200 signatures, drawing much-needed attention to the escalating violence.

“It felt different in March 2020 when things shut down and the rhetoric started to amp up around ‘china virus’ and COVID,” Ang said.

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“When you see percentages rising, we must educate ourselves and be aware that this is something we’ve got to fight,” said Indianapolis Deputy Mayor Judith Thomas. “This country is a melting pot and there’s a place for everyone here.”

To learn more about the petition, click here.

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