Indianapolis Colts hosting ‘kicking the stigma’ virtual fundraiser

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INDIANAPOLIS — The Indianapolis Colts are working to kick the stigma surrounding mental health.

The Irsay family wants to open up the conversation and show Hoosiers they’re not alone. They will kick off mental health awareness month next month with a 4-day fundraising event.

The event will include roundtable discussions with NFL players like Darius Leonard about their own struggles. There will also be a digital platform where you can hear stories from Peyton Manning, Frank Reich, Tony Dungy and others.

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“This does literally affect every single person whether it’s yourself or a friend or a family member, whoever,” said Kalen Jackson, vice chairman of the Indianapolis Colts. “It affects everyone in one way shape or form and so through this whole process it’s really been inspiring us and push us, even more, to dedicate our time and resources to this cause, and it won’t stop anytime soon.”

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Funds raised will go toward a new Kicking the Stigma Fund for awareness efforts and help for nonprofits and other organizations to expand treatment services in Indiana.

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