James O’Keefe Has One Brutal Question For Jen Psaki About “Hidden” Photos From Biden’s Border

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Joe Biden and his admin, namely WH spokesperson Jen Psaki, have done their best to keep what’s going on at Biden’s border a secret from the American people.


The Biden admin hasn’t allowed reporters near the facilities where he’s housing migrants…and now we know why.

It’s awful.

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The cat is now out of the bag, and the whole world knows how God-awful things really are on Biden’s border.

Thanks to Axios and Project Veritas we can now see Biden’s border crisis up close and personal.

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Axios released the first photographs showing migrant families crammed into “cages,” and sleeping on the floor with “tinfoil” blankets.


Then James O’Keefe of “Project Veritas” released his own damning photographs and video footage.

But he did it with a direct missile launched at Jen Psaki that will hit her hard.

Here’s what he said:  Why did Project Veritas have to do your job @PressSec? Did the public not have a right to know?

Good question.

He’s right.

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All of them knew this horror was going on and they hid it from the American people.


These are the same people who condemned President Trump just for using the cages that Obama and Biden had built.

If that’s not disgusting and horrific politicization, I don’t know what is.


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