Joe Biden Just Said The Most Dangerous Thing Any “President” Has Ever Said

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Today, Bumbling Joe Biden unleashed his communist “gun-grab.”


And his speech was filled with lies – which is something we’ve grown accustomed to with this fraudulent Resident of the United States.

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One of his biggest whoppers was this little beauty about gun shows.

Dems talk about “gun shows” a lot, but they literally know nothing about them.


Joe thinks all of us can just act like his privileged drug-addict son Hunter and buy illegal guns and lie on federal forms and nothing will happen to us.

But in the “real world,” it doesn’t work that way.  Not all of us are privileged “Bidens.”

But one specific comment Biden said today really struck a lot of people as scary and dangerous.

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As a matter of fact, conservative Pundit and congressional candidate Robby Starbuck said it’s the most dangerous thing he’s ever heard any so-called “president” say.

Here’s what Joe said: “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute.”

Now, technically speaking, Joe may be right. Amendments can be amended and changed that way…However, these words are so incredibly dangerous coming from a man who has zero respect for the Constitution, and who is “leading” by executive order, and who we all know is a puppet of  China.

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Not to mention, his handlers have an agenda that would make Stalin blush.

Here are some of the comments about Biden’s dangerous remarks:

“It is why they want our firearms”

“Dementia Joe is aiming for a civil war II”

“And the Dems thought it was Trump that was a Fascist”

“The reckless lunatic, wannabe #DictatorInChief occupying the WH must be neutralized by our representatives, senators, governors. If they can’t do their job, they need to utilize the court system on a grand scale. Biden’s anti-freedom crap needs to stop.”

“Exactly. You see it. This is how they think. This is how they act. This is them the mask slip so everyone can see what is coming. He’s been in power less than four months and he’s already out pacing the worst tyrants in modern history. His Chicom overlords must be proud.”

“He needs to be impeached.”

“Biden is a Communist, being controlled by Obama and China. BIDEN and his regime are opening a can of worms they cant put back.”

“That is part of being a dictator- disregard for the laws of the land. Thing is, he’s not the one thinking this stuff up- puppet life must be hard”

“Considering both he and every member of Congress takes a sworn oath to protect and defend our Constitution, he has just admitted he has no respect for our laws or our country.”

“And then he followed up with the most overused and misunderstood example and like most idiots who use it doesn’t understand it. He’s a puppet being fed lines.”

“Didn’t he swear to protect the Constitution on “inauguration day”? So wouldn’t this be treason?”

Here are some comments on Biden’s speech gun-grab:

The NRA posted a tweet about Biden’s gun=grab, but what are they going to do about it?


Let’s hope the NRA plans to do more than just tweet about it.  We need a team of lawyers suited up and fighting this and everything Joe does in the courts.

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We must fight harder than ever before, and relentlessly, to boot.

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