Vaccines begin at Johnson County Jail after 8 inmates test positive for coronavirus

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JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. — The Johnson County Jail will begin vaccinating inmates for COVID-19 on Monday, following eight inmates testing positive for the virus over the weekend.

The inmates will receive the single dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“We have worked diligently to obtain the vaccine so that we can offer it to the inmates,” said Sheriff Duane Burgess.

The jail has 340 inmates total and is currently on lockdown for the safety and security of the facility and to stop the spread of the virus, according to jail officials.

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Inmates at the facility were tested on Saturday, said Sheriff Burgess, who added that he has been in contact with the Johnson County Health Department and is following any protocols put into place.

The jail also had an outbreak last May that was much larger. Back then, the sheriff said nearly half of the jail population inside the building had contracted COVID-19.

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Sheriff Burgess says the jail will remain on lockdown as “we review the situation and speak with [the] health department and our medical authority at the jail.”

He added no more testing is planned for Monday unless someone is showing signs or symptoms of the virus.

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