Kamala’s “Seating Arrangement” in New “Biden Admin” Photo Causes Major Uproar Online

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It seems like every time you see Biden, there’s someone always lurking near him, keeping watch over all his actions.

Now, most of the time this person is Jill, Biden’s wife, but the next runner-up would definitely be Kamala Harris, who never seems to leave Joe’s side.


And this new photo of Biden’s cabinet is especially telling as it shows Kamala next to Joe, but she’s seated a solid foot in front of the so-called “president.”

That definitely makes a statement both physically and metaphorically as Kamala has been poised to take over Biden’s duties any day now.

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Check it out:

Users on Twitter also found Kamala’s location in front of Biden pretty telling:

She did it. Without a doubt.

So where is wifey? She always around somewhere 🤪

I’m convinced he thinks he’s actually the VP. 😂

She put herself in front on purpose. Kamala 2021 approaches

I can’t tell if this is satire or not.

I assumed the plan was to prop up Biden until 2022, invoke the 25th amendment, then appoint Kamala to the president. Then she’d be able to run for 2 terms after that. Ten years of that and America as we know it will be dead and gone…

he’s already running things. That’s why race is front and center of EVERYTHING

Kamala certainly seems to be taking a much more “center stage” role than VP’s typically do.

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But we all expected this…

I mean, how can someone like Biden expect to appear even halfway cognizant without his caretakers?

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