Karma Caught up to “Woke” Corporations During Minneapolis Riots…Check Out This Ironic Photo

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I don’t think you can find a photo that better sums up the stupidity of “woke” corporate America than this one here. It’s dripping with irony and karma, and it’s delicious.


Corporations have gone “woke,” and they’re funneling piles of cash into social justice activism like BLM and other Marxist movements.

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But it’s gone beyond just pouring cash into their coffers, these corporations have now gone full “Hollywood” mentality and are now activists themselves.

And we all know what’s happened to Hollywood after they went full “woke.” The same thing that happened to sports…America tuned out.


We don’t want this.  We the people don’t want politics and social justice in everything, yet no matter how loudly we scream about it, and how much we rebuke them at the box office and in the ratings, they keep pushing it on us. And now, corporations have jumped into the fray, and they will reap the same outcome.

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It’s the same path, and they will not experience anything different than pure unadulterated rejection.

So, it’s absolutely delicious to see KARMA unleash its justice on these woke idiots.

And that’s why this picture from the latest Minnneapolois riots is so fitting.

It’s a photo of a really “woke” business in Minneapolis, with a big banner claiming how “woke” they are, and declaring that “racism has no place” there…how SJW of them…but there’s one problem…

If you look at the building, it’s completely smashed and destroyed.


Racism might not live there, but karma sure does.

Here are some of the comments about the photo:

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“They really supported the hell out of that business”

“It’s a heart warming photo.”

“I LOVE that window art”

“This photo speaks volumes!!!”

“It is hilarious. It’s the people who are responsible for this culture reaping what they sow. It’s unapologetically hilarious and 100% deserved.”

“Mistakenly they thought that would inoculate them.”

“White guilt at its finest.”

“The crocodile will eat you last, but it will eat you despite pandering.”


Let this be a lesson to corporations – virtue signaling doesn’t matter – and pandering is pointless. Just do your jobs and sell your goods and services and be done with it.

If you want to support an organization, fine. Shut up and write a check, and let that be it. But enough with the corporate activism.

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The majority of your customers don’t want to see it.


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