Local health leaders team up with MDwise for COVID-19 vaccine webinar

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INDIANAPOLIS — MDwise hosts an informational session Wednesday night to help educate the community on the COVID-19 vaccine. 

The non-profit healthcare company is partnering with the Marion County Health Department and Eskenazi Health to answer questions and dispel common myths. 

The virtual webinar targets minorities who are disproportionately impacted by the virus and also behind in receiving the vaccine. But it’s open to anyone in the community who may have questions.

The goal is to clear up misinformation that may be circulating around social media when it comes to the effects of the vaccine and also answer any community concerns. 

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There will be a panel including director of the Marion County Health Department, Dr. Virginia Caine, who’s been advocating for those underserved. The chief medical officer for Eskenazi, Dr. David Crabb will also be on the panel, as well as vice president for MDwise’s health plan operations, Torriaun Everett.

Everett says the point of the panel isn’t to change everyone’s mind.

“It’s not about forcing the vaccine on anyone. But it’s about ensuring that we do our part and be socially responsible to provide information to the community, to make sure that they have the right information to make an informed decision for themselves and their family.”

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Everett says some common myths that the vaccine causes infertility, changes the make-up of your DNA, and that it gives you covid. Those are all topics that they plan on discussing and clearing up during the webinar.

The virtual event starts at 7 p.m. 

You can tune in on Zoom or watch it on MDwise’s Facebook page. 

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