Local shelters encouraging donations amid spring cleaning

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INDIANAPOLIS — You might be in the midst of doing some spring cleaning and local shelters are reminding you to donate items, rather than throw them away.

“This community has been so generous, it just blows me away,” said Terry Britton, Team Lead of Volunteers.

Britton works inside the warehouse and knows firsthand the impact Wheeler Mission is making.

“It gave me hope,” Britton said.

Rachel Geller came to Wheeler Mission searching for that very hope. “When I came into the program, I had lost everything,” Geller said. “My child, my home, my husband.”

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She’s now graduated from the program and works in the place that’s changed her life.

“I’ve been blessed enough to see both sides,” Geller said.

“The vast majority of my staff are program graduates,” said Braden Pothier, Director of Thrift Store Operations.

“Homelessness is not going away unfortunately,” Pothier said. “We live it every day. Indianapolis has really stepped up and wrapped their arms around us.”

Another shelter accepting your donations is Coburn Place, which provides a fully furnished apartment for survivors of domestic abuse.

“Think about having the added stress of being a domestic violence survivor and having to leave a place with nothing,” said Erin Wurtz, Community Engagement Manager.

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Families are able to keep everything when they leave.

“All of the things we provide for the families are taking stress off of them,” said Wurtz.

So, think twice before you throw something away because your donation could change a life.

To learn about acceptable donations to Wheeler Mission, click here.

To learn about acceptable donations to Coburn Place, click here.

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