MAGA Just Noticed Something Very Odd During John Boehner’s Recent CNN Interview

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Bloated Boozer John Boehner is back in the news…and it’s not because anyone actually cares what this vodka-soaked goof has to say…It’s because his publisher’s PR team is trying to get some of his dopey books sold.


Can you imagine what type of loser would run out and actually buy a book that John Boehner wrote? Hint:👇

Boehner is making the rounds all over the political talk shows, but it was his appearance on CNN that had MAGA scratching their heads.

What the heck is going on with Boehner’s face?

We’ve all heard of Orange Man Bad, but holy heck, Boehner’s kicking that up several notches with this crazy new “Red Man” look.

John looks like he stuck his face in an air-fryer for 20 minutes before he sat down for this interview.

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You can watch the video below:

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Here are some of the comments on ol’ Beet Face Boehner:

“Chronic alcohol abuse”

“Tan, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son..”

“Too much alcohol does that. Happened to my dad”

“Crying. The dude cries more than anyone I’ve ever seen.”

“This guy is a peddler of douchebaggery in the order of Fauci proportions.”

“Wasn’t this the guy that cried every time he spoke?”

“I think he was with Nancy before the interview”

“was he on his knees begging and crying on the House floor again?”

“Oh my Lord. Had several too many out on the ole Yacht. Someone should have nudged him awake.”

“That’s a lot of booze.”

“He should crawl back under the rock he has been crying under the last 10 years!!!”

“He looks like he is on the verge of tears again. It might a sunburn that is bothering him. Biden shouldn’t cause that much consternation. (If I say Red Man Bad, some might think I was referring to “Natives.”)”

“Why have half baked ideas when you can instead serve up over baked ideas? Like this guys skin!”

There is no room in the America First Republican Party for old RED relics like John…but sadly, we still have a lot of these types of RINOs in the party right now –  and we need to get crackin’ to make sure we get rid of them in 2022…and stop electing them, period.

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It’s time to stop supporting the RNC and SuperPacs with our dollars and just give the money directly to the candidates.

It’s the best show we have to weed out these useless establishment globalists.

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