Michigan GOP Could Pass Election Integrity Laws Without Dem Governor’s Approval

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The Michigan GOP is going to be able to make changes to Michigan’s election integrity laws without needing approval from Michigan’s Dem Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Fox News reported:

Michigan Republicans this week proposed changes to state voting laws and have come up with a veto-proof way to circumvent Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, according to reports.

The 39 bills proposed in the GOP-led Legislature this week would require identification for new voters, prohibit prepaid absentee envelopes, limit the number of absentee dropboxes and bar the secretary of state from sending an absentee ballot unless requested, according to Bridge Michigan.

“If that legislation is not passed by our Legislature, which I am sure it will be, but if it’s not signed by the governor, then we have other plans to make sure that it becomes law before 2022,” Ron Weiser, chairman of Michigan’s GOP, said in a video on social media, according to The Detroit News.

This is much needed.

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Michigan’s 2020 election was a complete disaster.

The Gateway Pundit has previously reported on this:

Michigan Removed 177,000 Voters from Voter Rolls in January After Certifying Biden Won Michigan by 154,000 Votes in November

First Look: Antrim County Michigan Forensics Audit Results of Dominion Voting Machines Released

HUGE! Attorney Matthew DePerno CONFIRMS Dominion Voting Machines in Michigan County CHANGED VOTES From Trump to Biden — IT WAS NOT HUMAN ERROR!

Finally, the GOP is standing up to Democrats’ attempts to steal elections!

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