Mystery Surrounds Joe Biden’s Adoption Of His Dog Major

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By now you likely know that Joe Biden’s dog Major was involved in another biting incident.

The first time this happened we were told that Major would be sent back to Delaware, but he wasn’t. He stayed at the WH and then bit someone else.


We were also told this time some type of “medical” assistance was required.

Now, we don’t blame the dog. Major is a German Sheppard and a rescue dog. Clearly, he’s not doing well in his current surroundings.

People who own dogs need to understand the specific breed that they’re getting and what that dogs needs are based on the breed.

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German Sheppards are very high-energy, protective dogs. Is bringing a shelter Sheppard to one of the busiest houses on earth a good idea?

Furthermore, was it a good idea for a man who’s 78-years-old, and not in the best physical or mental health to adopt such an aggressive dog?

The answer to that question is NO.

Which leads a lot of people to wonder – did Joe Biden rescue Major to use him as a “prop” to show the world that he’s more “human” than President Trump, who the left constantly criticized for not having a dog?

God knows the Biden’s milked Major for all he was worth.

From Western Journal

Take the American Kennel Club’s description of the German shepherd: It’s a “very active and athletic breed” that requires lots of exercise for its physical and mental well-being.
“A dog who is not exercised enough will become frustrated and likely to develop undesirable behaviors,” the organization’s website reads.

Joe Biden is a 78-year-old man. His hairline is significantly younger, granted. However, the rest of him isn’t youthful or energetic. Witness the fact that Major broke his foot in December.

“What happened was I got out of the shower. I got a dog and anybody who’s been around my house knows — dropped, little pup dropped a ball in front of me. And for me to grab the ball,” Biden told CNN after the foot-breaking incident.

“And I’m walking through this little alleyway to get to the bedroom. And I grabbed the ball like this and he ran,” he continued.

“And I was joking, running after him to grab his tail. And what happened was that he slid on a throw rug. And I tripped on the rug he slid on. That’s what happened. Oh man, not [a] very exciting story.”

This isn’t to say definitively that Biden shouldn’t have adopted Major. This is biting incident No. 2, however. I’m not saying he’s not a cute dog and fun with the right owner, but wouldn’t a poodle have been more sensible — particularly given Major was a rescue?

Biden was in his mid-70s and running for the most exigent and strenuous job on the planet in late 2018 when Major was adopted. Don’t just laud him for getting any rescue dog. He owed it to the dog and to those around him to pick the right one.

Major is not just a prop for a photoshoot or a way for Biden to prove he was more human than Trump, after all.


It’s clear that if Biden was a “dog guy” at one time, he isn’t one anymore.

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Biden barely knows what day of the week it is and where he is half the time. He’s not the sprite young guy he used to be, running around the backyard tossing the ball with the dog.

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Although, ironically, that’s what his handlers want us to think.

Ignore what your eyes see America – Biden is actually the type of all-American guy who owns an active, energetic German Sheppard.

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Give us all a break, please.

He isn’t any of that stuff, and that poor dog deserves better than to be some bizarre PR pawn in Biden’s attempt to be seen as someone that he’s not.

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