NBA Fines Kevin Durant $50K Over Twitter Feud With Notorious Bully Michael Rapaport

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Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport had a private battle on Twitter that resulted in the comedian posting the spat for all to see. When the messages became public, it was discovered that Durant made a homophobic rant towards Rapaport. Apparently, those comments are only acceptable out of the comedian’s mouth.

The NBA, not to be outdone by MLB on Woke Friday, disciplined Durant with a hefty fine and a stern lecture. The talking-to came from Nets coach Steve Nash. The ‘clean cut’ coach is no stranger to scandal. In the court of public opinion, using an inappropriate slur—yes, Durant’s comments were out of line—is ‘more badder’ than divorcing your wife and suing for custody just after she gave birth to your child.

That’s the world we live in now. President Trump, Mike Lindell, and now Kevin Durant; they’ve all said something on Twitter that upset someone. Poor taste? Yes. Should they be banned or fined by their employer? This author doesn’t think so.

When words become the ‘ultimate evil,’ any of us can—and will—find ourselves on the wrong side of public opinion. Let’s face it; we have walking, talking recorders that capture our every word, photo, or video. At some point, we’re going to reach the place where everyone is wrong because of a mistake suddenly broadcast for all to judge. Or we can choose to let people grow from their mistakes.

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