Nursing students at Anderson University deliver COVID-19 vaccines to campus community

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ANDERSON, Ind.––Anderson University is teaming up with the Madison County Health Department to host a vaccine clinic that’s the first of its kind in the state.

In the first day of Anderson University’s mass vaccination clinic, nursing students are learning in a different kind of classroom.

“Our students are delivering the vaccinations,” said Maggie Platt, Director of Resident Life.

“I am pleased to have this relationship with AU to get students vaccinated and give the nurses an opportunity to see how it feels to react to a public health emergency,” said Stephanie Grimes, Administrator for the Madison County Health Department.

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Lacie Roberts is one of the nursing students delivering doses—even vaccinating her roommate.

“I never imagined I would be doing this with my peers,” Roberts said. “It has been really humbling to be able to serve in this way.”

The Madison County Health Department expects to deliver 400 doses at the clinic. Students say it’s a sign of hope that things may soon return to normal after a year on campus unlike any other.

“Being able to have this little break and getting out there for the first opportunity to really do what we want to be ourselves again, I didn’t want to miss the opportunity,” said freshman Benjamin Florencio.

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“Students have lost so much,” Platt said. “To be able to be vaccinated and bring some bit of normal back to campus is such a good feeling.”

The second vaccine clinic will be offered on campus, prior to summer break.

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