Oregon Governor Vows To “ERADICATE” Trump “Forces” – Sympathizes With Antifa Murderer While Condemning Trump, Federal Officers

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Appearing on Democracy Now with the haggard old hippy woman, Oregon governor Kate Brown (D) went on a bizarre tangent where she appears to side with the violent rioters who ravaged Portland for several months straight last year.

Brown shifted the blame to Trump, vowed to use local law enforcement to “eradicate” Trump “forces,” and seemingly sympathizes with Michael Reinoehl, the antifa terrorist who murdered a Trump supporter in downtown Portland who later died in a shootout with the feds.

Predictably, Brown wants to investigate the feds, while refusing to condemn Reinhoehl’s murderous actions.

“Shame on Donald Trump,” she says, when asked about Trump warning rioters that they would face consequences for damaging the Federal courthouse and other buildings during the *PEACEFUL PROTESTS* last summer. The haggard old hippy woman then characterizes the Reinoehl shootout as a “death squad style assassination” which Brown seems to agree with, as they take the side of the murderer. In response to being asked about this, instead of talking about Reinoehl’s actions, Brown says “The actions of the Trump administration were abysmal, and absolutely abhorrent in this state and we worked with our local law enforcement to eradicate these forces from our state. We want to make sure that Oregonians can continually [sic] to peacefully protest to uphold those voices that ask for change and we will continue to support those efforts, uhmm, to eradicate racism from our institutions, from our structures, and from our systems.”

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“And do you condemn that death squad style assassination of this man, and have you called for an investigation?” asks the haggard hippy woman.

“Look, what happened last summer was abhorrent. We are continuing to work to hold federal officials accountable,” Brown responds. “I expect you will see changes in leadership of local federal officials here in the state of Oregon that is appropriate and we are glad to be rid of Donald Trump’s corruption, chaos, and, frankly, incompetent government.”

Here’s the segment in full (skip to 5:00):

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Interestingly enough, these institutions, structures, and systems that Brown claims are rife with racism have been run by Brown and her allies for decades. While she condemns Trump’s style of governance, one only needs to search for “Portland” here on The Gateway Pundit to see the shining example of Brown and Mayor Wheeler’s far left policies.

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