Ouch. WH Can’t Be Happy About What Happened On The Official YouTube Channel During Presser

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Well, today was the big day for the much-anticipated Biden press conference….and it was a mess.

We’re told he was preparing for it for weeks….some say he even did “test runs” to practice.


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What the heck?

Why on earth would a president have to practice to do a presser?

Biden is declining so quickly, it’s hard to keep up.

Joe was unable to stay focused and he lost his train of thought a lot.

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He also rambled and didn’t answer the actual questions. Like this instance here, where a reporter asked a really detailed question about his gun control plans, and Joe started talking (very slowly and confused-like) about infrastructure.



So, is it any wonder that the White House’s official YouTube channel took a beating?

Probably not, and they can’t be happy about this…check out the downvotes.

Only 22K people were watching at the time this screenshot was taken. And it shows 5.1K unlikes and only 406 likes.

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And notice how they have the comments disabled?

Biden doesn’t want to hear from his 82+ million adoring fans???


How can something like this happen to a man that supposedly won the most votes in the history of the United States?

(It can’t)

Take a look at the screenshot from the WH Youtube account.

Big ouch, right?

Where’re all Joe’s voters?


Here’s what people had to say about the views and dislikes:

“Most popular president in modern history”

“This was SO stolen!!! Right in front of us. Nothing being done.There is no way this ends well for any of us.”

“but that HIGH approval rating lol”

“This is very telling”

This presser was a disaster for Joe.

Even after “practicing” and prepping for weeks, and having piles of “cheat sheets” he still looked and sounded completely lost and confused.

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The American people deserve better.

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