Overnight rough weather could cause downed power lines, fallen debris. First responders want you to stay aware of safety hazards

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Along with FOX59’s Weather Authority, first responders across central Indiana are monitoring the conditions around the clock. The anticipated strong winds could cause downed power lines by morning.

“If they’re not creating a hazard, and they’re always a hazard when they’ve fallen down, we’re not questioning that, but if it’s not catching anything on fire, or causing someone bodily harm of any type, then call the power company directly,” Dep. Chief Michael Pruitt of Bargersville Fire said.

He reminds people to be aware power lines laying in water could cause dangerous energy, and any power lines across chainlink fences are also a hazard.

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“In many neighborhoods, we’ll see a power line that’s fallen on a chain link fence and that might look like it’s 50 feet away from you and it’s not a threat,” Pruitt explained. “Someone walks up and grabs a chain link fence, and maybe it’s a common chain link fence that runs the whole length of your street, that can be energized.”

We know this is just the beginning of spring’s sometimes rough weather, so now is a good time to look around your property for any trees that could cause a dangerous or damaging issue later.

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“If it’s a healthy tree, I wouldn’t worry too much about it,” Pruitt said. “But if you do have trees around your home and this might be a good opportunity right now is to get with a tree service if you have a tree that has rotten limbs.”

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