Pentagon OKs Third Military Base to House Unaccompanied Illegal Alien Minors Amid Biden Border Surge

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Unaccompanied minor migrant in border patrol facility, Texas; screen image

The insanity of the Democrat Party has no bounds.

Now US military bases are being used for illegal immigrants’ accommodations.

The Pentagon on Friday approved the use of a THIRD military base to house unaccompanied migrant minors amid the Biden border surge.

A defense official told Fox News that the illegal aliens will be housed at Camp Roberts which is located 2 hours northwest of Santa Barbara, California.

Fox News reported:

A defense official confirmed to Fox News that the Defense Department approved Health and Human Services’ request to house migrant children at Camp Roberts. The base is located about two hours northwest of Santa Barbara.

“On April 2, the Department of Defense approved a request for assistance from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for facilities and land to temporarily house unaccompanied children at Camp Roberts, California,” the defense official said.

“This support is being provided on a fully-reimbursable basis,” the official said. “DoD only provides this kind of support where it has no impact on military readiness and its ability to conduct its primary missions.”

Illegal aliens are currently being held at Fort Bliss and Joint Base San Antonio in Texas.

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There are approximately 18,000 unaccompanied minor migrants in US custody and the Biden Admin refuses to call it a crisis.

The Biden administration said they will not return any children back to their home countries.
There are 1.96 billion children in the world under age 14 who are now welcome to stay in the US on the taxpayer dime.

Confirmed: Biden Admin Opens US Southern Border Up to Possible 1.96 Billion Global Citizens Under Age 14

This is pure chaos and insanity brought to you by Joe Biden, Democrats and spineless Republicans.

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