Piers Morgan Enjoys an “I Told You So” Moment After Meghan and Harry Get Skewered Again

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Besides the Royal Palace, Piers Morgan has gotten smacked the hardest by the Meghan and Harry train.


It’s not a secret that Piers Morgan, the former host of “Good Morning Britain” and Meghan Markle are not pals.

As a matter of fact, he used his platform on the popular morning show to expose Megan almost on a daily basis.

Trust me, there is no love lost between Piers and Meghan.

He thinks she’s an entitled “woke” brat, who lies a lot.

Is he wrong?

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And when Meghan and Harry took down the Royals during the Opah interview by calling them “racists,” that was the straw that broke Piers’s back and he flat-out said that he didn’t believe her.

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Well, rumor has it that Meghan called the TV station and complained about Piers…and now, he no longer hosts “Good Morning Britain,” so you do the math…

I guess you can’t call a D-list actress who lies a lot, a “liar.”

So, you can imagine the sweet revenge Piers felt when yet another Meghan and Harry lie was exposed, and the spoiled duo was “skewered” yet again.


The couple was busted in a lie when they told Oprah they were married in a romantic “secret ceremony” days before their public wedding.

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That wasn’t true.

Piers saw the news and instantly pounced.

Here’s what Piers said: “Do we still have to believe her?”

No, Piers, we don’t need to believe her.

Meghan is an unlikeable, narcissistic control freak, who has tuned Harry’s family life into the same chaotic, dysfunctional mess that hers is.


We’ve all known people like Meghan. She’s toxic, and wherever she goes, drama follows.


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