Record cold lows and pesky snow showers linger

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It’s a new record low! This morning our temperature in downtown dropped below 28°, beating the old record set in 1907, 114 years ago!

Icy patches could create a few headaches this morning, along with some power outages due to the weight of the heavier snow. A few extra minutes wouldn’t hurt going out-the-door and be sure to grab a coat, as wind chills are in the teens.

This afternoon, passing rain and snow showers will work across the state with little to no accumulation expected. Roads will remain wet and temperatures will only warm into the middle 40s, some 20° below the seasonal average of 65 degrees.

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The chill will persist, as winds remain breezy from the west, northwest at 8-16 mph.

Another record cold night ahead, as skies slowly clear and temperatures plummet into the upper 20s. The record low tonight is 27°, set back in 1937.

We will get close to that number by Thursday morning. Be sure to cover those flowers and plants to limit additional damage from the cold.

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Better days ahead, brighter at times too for Thursday and Friday before rain returns on Saturday! Rain does look likely and models have remained consistent the past few days on the weekend rain.

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