REMINDER: The Gun Incident Was Only One Small Piece of Corruption in the Biden Home – There Was Also the Criminal “Minor Incident”

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Yesterday news spread on the Internet of a story The Gateway Pundit first reported in October shortly before the election.

Before the November election The Gateway Pundit posted a series of articles that focused on the wild, corrupt, perverted and insane lives of the Biden family behind closed doors.

In these articles, we focused on the depraved and chaotic world of a practicing drug and sex addict, Hunter Biden. Not only was Hunter engaged in corrupt financial deals with some of the world’s most dangerous people, but he was also immersed in drugs, alcohol, and sex. His family knew it and Hunter left a trail for the police and on his laptop.

We obtained access to the files and data on Hunter’s laptop and released a series of articles showing the real Biden family running for the office of President of the United States. We reported on many disturbing files, pictures, and videos found on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

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Yesterday, word got out about the Hunter gun scandal.

Grant Stinchfield at Newsmax reported on this incident and our previous reporting:

Grant Stinchfield at Newsmax TV Highlights The Gateway Pundit Report from October Before Election on Hunter Biden’s Gun Scandal (VIDEO)

Hunter had written a family friend and shared the story where Hallie Biden (Hunter’s dead brother’s wife, who Hunter dated) stole Hunter’s gun and threw it in the garbage.  According to Hunter’s text, the FBI and Secret Service got involved:

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But the remaining texts were just as bad.  In this series of texts, Biden said much more.  Below is our post from late October concerning this matter:

BREAKING: Hunter Biden Plays Victim After He’s Accused of “Walking Around Naked Watching Porn Masturbating and Doing Drugs” in Front of a Minor

There is much more to the Hunter Biden story.  This nightmare has barely been cracked.

The Biden family is a mess. The Democrats and their media will do anything to cover-up this perversion from the American public – just like they did before the election.

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