Report: Facebook’s Decision To Remove Calls For Violence In Preparation Of Derek Chauvin Verdict Should Help, Right?

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Monday morning, Facebook made a moderation decision that many will accept while others will argue. They have chosen to remove any posted content that “praises, celebrates or mocks George Floyd’s death.”

This decision is being seen as a proactive measure ahead of the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial.

Facebook announced their decision via their blog post on Monday, which was very detailed in what they won’t do to curtail emotional responses that would probably impact many.

“As the trial of Derek Chauvin draws to a close, we are doing what we can to prepare for the verdict. This means preventing online content from being linked to offline harm and doing our part to keep our community safe,” Facebook content policy VP Monika Bickert wrote in the blog post.

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“Our teams are working around the clock to look for potential threats both on and off of Facebook and Instagram so we can protect peaceful protests and limit the content that could lead to civil unrest or violence,” Bickert continued.” This includes identifying and removing calls to bring arms to areas in Minneapolis, which we have temporarily deemed to be a high-risk location. We will continue to monitor events on the ground to determine if additional locations will be deemed temporary, high-risk locations. We are also working to protect the memory of George Floyd and members of the Floyd family from harassment and abuse. Under our policies, we will remove content that praises, celebrate, or mocks George Floyd’s death.”

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As many conservatives know, Facebook has taken similar preventative actions in the past but not against left-leaning organizations or accounts, so this will be something new.

I refer to how Facebook temporarily and permanently banned political advertising ahead of the 2020 US election and then removed accounts that shared Trump campaign information. While some might have exaggerated news and opinions, that happens on both sides.

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As a result of the 2020 election, Facebook now adds labels to misinformation on its platform, including misinformation in political ads or outright remove them.


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