Report: Suspect Dead After Ramming Barrier at Capitol, Two Officers Injured

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ABC News is reporting the suspect in the vehicle ramming of the Capitol on Friday was shot dead by police after exiting the vehicle armed with a weapon (NBC reported it was a knife.) Two Capitol Police officers were wounded in the attack, however there are conflicting reports whether one officer was stabbed.

ABC News excerpt:

After reports that someone hit two U.S. Capitol Police officers with a car, Capitol Police opened fire at the north barricade of the Capitol complex, law enforcement sources tell ABC News.

Two officers are said to be injured, one critically, the sources said. Law enforcement sources tell ABC News the suspect is dead.

…A vehicle occupied “by a single individual, the driver, sought to ram the north barrier at the Capitol,” according to a federal official who was briefed.

The suspect rammed the north barricade and exited the vehicle with a weapon and was shot by Capitol Police, according to law enforcement sources.

There is video being circulated online purportedly of the suspect being taken by stretcher with EMS performing CPR.

CNN reports one of the officers was stabbed:

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“An email from the US Capitol Police, obtained by CNN, confirmed that sequence of events. The email stated Capitol Police officers shot the suspect after he rammed the barricade and exited holding a knife. Both officers were also injured, and one is being transported to the hospital by USCP. A law enforcement official told CNN at least one of the officers was stabbed.”

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