Republican “Biden Voter” So Disgusted by Today’s Presser That He Now Says He Regrets His Vote

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Joe Biden had his first press conference since becoming president and quite frankly, it was an absolute disaster.


He was stumbling and mumbling so much that at one point he actually just hung his head in shame and muttered “Anyway…”

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Then he stated that he worked in the Senate “120 years ago,” which the left is claiming was a joke, but do you see him cracking a smile here?


Liberals can try and defend this all they want, but we all know that they’re just putting lipstick on a pig.

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The American people can see that Joe is not suited for one of the biggest jobs in the world and no amount of “spin” is going to change that.

Actually, some of his voters are even regretting their decision after seeing this humiliating conference, like this Republican who actually voted for Joe…he had a laundry list of items that he found disturbing.

Twitter user “Zane” was responding to Tim Miller, a #NeverTrump writer, who was praising Biden’s presser with some of the silliest points ever made.

Zane wasn’t having it, and he let Tim know some hard truths.

Check it out:

Here’s what Tim said: “Biden Press Conference Review: Hour 1

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Hasn’t praised Nazis.

Hasn’t praised Putin.

Hasn’t praised his own mental acuity by recalling the phrase Person Woman Man Camera TV.

Hasn’t gratuitously insulted anyone.

asn’t suggested injecting anything into the body.

Zane wasn’t having it.

Here’s what he said to Tim:

Underwhelmed Biden 2020 voter/registered Republican here:

Lost his train of thought multiple times

Kept shuffling through his notebook/cheat sheet

Couldn’t remember campaign promises

reminder I should’ve voted libertarian


I mean, this presidency, if you even want to call it that, has gone from a train wreck you can’t look away from, to a bloody massacre.

Every day it just gets harder and harder to watch…

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