Residents evacuated after fire in 3-story apartment in Greenwood; at least 1 hurt

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GREENWOOD, Ind. — Residents were evacuated as crews responded to a fire at 3-story apartment building in Greenwood overnight on Wednesday.

Firefighters were sent to the Meridian Oaks apartment complex on Love Avenue around 1 a.m.

Once they arrived, fire officials say crews quickly began to fight the flames burning from the front of the building as well as the roof.

After 15 minutes of heavy fire, firefighters told all units to evacuate. An estimated 24 units were heavily damaged.

During the early stages of fighting the fire, White River Twp. Fire Chief Jeremy Pell says a mayday call was issued after parts of the building collapsed and cut crews off from exits out of the building.

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Pell said there were some close calls with falling debris as the pathways were blocked, forcing firefighters to seek alternate exit routes. A ladder truck was used to put a ladder to a third-floor window to assist some firefighters out of the building.

The fire left multiple people displaced and at least one injured. Firefighters described it as a slight civilian injury.

Fire crews plan to do a secondary search for other people.

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Gary Freije, a resident who took video of the fire, said he woke up to flashing lights from police.

“I was speechless, I didn’t know how this would even start,” said Freije. “I didn’t think the fire was as big as it was, and when I saw it, I was in total disbelief about what happened.” 

The State Fire Marshal’s office is assisting with the investigation into the cause of the fire.

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